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Carlos Ruiz

Business Administration and Marketing  Calle Jose Marti, Colonia Escalon Miembro Desde 9 months

Años de Experiencia:


Salario Propuesto:



Excel Word Access SQL NoSQL Hadoop R Programming etc...


  • University of Central Arkansas
     2007 - 2011 :  Business
     Grado / GPA : 3.1
     Titulo Obtenido : Business Administration and Marketing
     2015 - 2016 : 
     Grado / GPA : 3.5
     Titulo Obtenido : International Business Intelligence
  • Center for Development of Advanced Computing
     2016 - 2017 : 
     Grado / GPA : 3.2
     Titulo Obtenido : Big Data Analysis


  • COEX
     2012 - 2014 :  Sales and Marketing Analyst
     Salario Anual : 1000
     Deberes del Trabajo / Cargo : 
    Evaluate and analyze demographics, competition, pricing, and distribution channels to develop marketing and sales strategies for existing and future products or services. Collect, update and analyze the sales, costs, margins, and prices at the points of sales of our distributor. Deliver insights regarding the reasons that affect the success of businesses. Played a key role in developing the company's new product in response to a quickly changing market by researching the market extensively and developing comprehensive customer profiles.
  • Industrias FACELA
     2014 - 2015 :  Marketing Coordinator
     Salario Anual : 1000
     Deberes del Trabajo / Cargo : 
    Routinely coordinating and performing an assortment of marketing and administrative duties. Adept at evaluating the results of marketing and sales efforts tracking ongoing marketing activities and interrupting results. Specialize in analyzing customer experiences and competitor activities to devise marketing strategies
  • McCormick and CO
     2015 - 2016 :  Regional Trademarketing Coordinator
     Salario Anual : 1400
     Deberes del Trabajo / Cargo : 
    Responsible for the brand and BTL activities, ensuring that these are carried out effectively. Help manage other projects within the company to support corporate branding, including communications. Also, implement the strategy for digital marketing platforms and social media websites


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